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Welcome to Rare Video TV, the place to find rare live music videos from the 1990s!

On this website you can see over 700 hours of bands both big and small, bands you love and remember, and bands you never thought you would find again! Our video archive includes super-rare material never before released, a huge amount of pub and club gigs of now famous bands, a who's who of the 90s music scene including bands which grew into the ones you remember and love, and a large selection of the only remaining recordings of some of the best bands of the 1990s.

We endeavor to bring to you music once thought lost, and now immortalized.

Massive Music Video Library

With well over 700 hours of archived material, we have one of the largest private live music video libraries in the world... everything from rock superstars to one off arrangements at the Punter\'s Club in Melbourne!

The Bands You Loved, Alive Once More!

Look back to all those great live gigs... remember the fun, the friends, and most of all the amazing music. It\'s too bad that musicians have a tendency to fade into obscurity... but now you can re-live those golden memories. Filmed at YOUR favourite venues - the Corner, the Cherry Bar, The Espy, The Melbourne Songwriter\'s Club, and countless more.

Excellent Sound, Excellent Cinematography

Feel like you\'re right there with great quality sound. No shot-with-iPhone crackle tracks, no dubbed over drums, no distorted rumbling that makes you rip your ears out, this is all 100% perfectly recorded analog from front of house.

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NZ8 To Hamilton Preview 19 and 20 April 2000

CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO Video 8 of 59 videos traveling all NZ train routes as they existed i n 2000. The Kaimai Express continues its journey to Hamilton and

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Melbourne to Mount Gambier To Melbourne Video 1 of 3: 26/3/1994 Preview

CLICK FOR FULL VIDEO Melbourne to Mount Gambier To Melbourne Video 1 of 3:  26/3/1994. Warnambool Train as far as Winchelsea. and Camperdown. Triple J music: Hunters And Collectors: Easy:

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NZ7 Huntly to Tamagani 17 Apr 2000 Preview

CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEO Video 7 of 59 videos traveling all NZ train routes. Pilot from Morin Heights – First After Me; Steps; The Mover; Penny In My Pocket;

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